Chubb FB5X



Techincal Data

Technical Specification 
Water Requirement 230 l/min at 5.5 bar 
Operating pressure range 3 to 10.5 bar 
Foam liquid P, FP, FFFP, AFFF, AR and S 
Calibration 3% or 6% or premix 
Foam liquid consumption 
-with 3% liquid 7 l/min 
-with 6% liquid 14 l/min 
Foam output 2270 l/min 
Jet length 
-Bulk 21m 
-Maximum 24m 
-Inlet 2.5" instantaneous (M) 
-Foam Pick-up 20mm quick release 
Material Light alloy 
Weight 2 kg 

- Foam tube and body Epoxy polyester orange 

-Coupling Anodized 

-Handle Epoxy polyester black 
NOTE: Performance figures are based on equipment using the appropriate foam liquid with clean water at 15° C at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar.